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Be very careful when you try to come off like an expert... not a dang one of those cartridges is .327". Matter of fact, I don't actually know of any chambering out there that is .327".

All of these cartridges are .312".
Hello Sevens
You are correct here... perhaps the O.P. was thinking about Chevrolet.. They made a 327 small Block engine that was also awesome... Early S&W hand guns have trouble grouping well with Bullets of diameter's of .0312"-.0313". Mine Prefer bullets of .0310" being my 1904 single shot target pistol chambered in .32 S&W caliber the baby of the .32 rounds and my 1925 Regulation Police revolver which is chambered in the .32 S&W Long Caliber, so that is why I re-load for them all to get the most accuracy out of them on paper. S&W Needs to get their act together and Offer this round in a K-Frame gun with a barrel length of at least 4" to make the velocity shine. That very reason was why I had my Older Model 16-4 .32 H&R Magnum caliber gun converted to the new Federal .327 Magnum round and never looked back. I would be willing to bet if S&W brought back the Model 16-4 as the new model 16-5 chambered in Federal .327 Magnum there would be a waiting list of buyers for it... Long Live the .32 round and those of us that undestand just how accurate and promising it really is ! Hammer It
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