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For anyone else wondering, here are the velocities for the Buffalo Bore "Heavy" .32 H&R load:
Below are real world velocities shot from stock over-the-counter, revolvers.

1366 fps - USFA Sparrow Hawk 7.5 inch barrel
1340 fps - Ruger Black Hawk 5.5 inch barrel
1187 fps - Ruger SP101 3 inch barrel
1054 fps - Taurus Ultra Light 2 inch barrel
Not too shabby, in the short barrels. ...But not impressive in the longer barrels. I'm still glad they're putting something different on the market, though.

But, this is a good example of why it pays to reload for this (these) cartridge(s). I can duplicate that load for less than $8 per 50 rounds (Assuming it's a Hornady XTP). From Buffalo Bore, 50 rounds would run $66.65.
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