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Correct. If its growing out of the ground, it's legal.
Yet in other states that would be considered 'baiting', and is illegal , as with scent attractants. Guess it depends on where your accustomed to hunting!

My point is, that to often, we as hunters are to quick to chastise(or deem un-ethical) other forms of hunting which we may not be accustomed to simply cause we've not hunted in someone else's 'neck of the woods'. Example: Here in Ohio, its illegal to gun hunt deer with a rifle. Shotgun,pistol or BP only. I know people here that think hunting deer with a rifle is unethical. Too, a few that think hunting them with anything but a bow is unethical. These same people have never been anywhere else but here hunting.

No disrespect intended but the recent post by Outlaw about 'sneaking through the woods'. Try that in many places out west.

While 'baiting' in my area may be interpreted/defined by DNR in one way, its defined differently in others.

If a persons hunting legally in their respective areas, IMO, we shouldn't chastise them for doing so.

Also, again, no disrespect but this ethical/unethical debate should be another thread.

Sorry OP for the thread veer.
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