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Try slowly making your way through the woods in the middle of the day. I've shot too many 10 pointers to not stand behind it. Most of the time I wear no camo. Just dark colors and my orange. Hunt with the wind in your face and try not to make any quick moves. The deer are always there. You have to realize that the second they see you, they freeze. They will stand there and watch you 99.9% of the time without you even knowing they're there. It's only when you get way too close do they blow n go. As far as bait goes, I personally think it's unethical. But if you would really like to know what gets em in.... Sugar products, plain n simple. These creatures eat corn, acorns and other junk that doesn't taste great all the time. It's no wonder that they go nuts on sweet stuff when presented the chance. My buddy swears by Bisquick pancake batter. Me personally I've seen a lil six pointer lickin on my spit out skoal wintergreen.
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“It was the ultimate hunting trip: a man hunting another man who was hunting me. Don’t talk to me about hunting lions or elephants; they don’t fight back with rifles and scopes!"--Chuck Mawhinney
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