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One thing about the ordinance that I'm still not sure about is extended magazines on shotguns. The law says that a fixed magazine over 5 rounds on a semiautomatic shotgun is an "assault weapon." Obviously a pump action shotgun is not semi-automatic, but the registration form asks "DOES YOUR SHOTGUN HAVE A FIXED MAGAZINE CAPACITY IN EXCESS OF 5 ROUNDS?" in the evil features section. It seems like answering "yes" on any of the bonus questions would be an immediate rejection. Check out Section B on the registration form.

I'd imagine it would be quite a headache arguing the point. You are allowed to bring a firearm into the city and then submit the registration within 5 business days. You are technically in compliance while the registration is pending, but the last thing I want is a visit from the CAGE unit because I marked “Yes” on one of the bonus questions.
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