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AR-15 Fail To Feed My Reloads What Do I Try Next

I have an AR-15 which fails to feed approximately one out of 20 of my reloads. The bolt picks up the cartridge but only gets it half way out of the mag before it jams. It always chambers the first round when I load the mag and use the bolt release.

I never had problems with factory ammo. I have cleaned the rifle and lubed it thoroughly. I also inspected the magazine (no visible damage), and cleaned and lubed it.

I am using 55gr FMJBT on top of 27 gr of BL-2C and CCI #41 Mag Primer. The COL is 2.230 +/_ .005".

Should I try adjusting the powder charge (and if so, up or down), or should I play with the case length (again, up or down)?

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