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I have the old Lyman DPS. Also just saw your post. I bought the Lyman because it was cheaper than the RCBS but almost wonder if I shouldn’t have spent the extra $. Reviews of late have not been good on any of the Lyman’s or RCBS dispensers so who knows. I bought the Lyman after it took me five hours to beam scale out 100 rounds of 308 for a match.

I use the Lyman to finish off powder charges. I dump in a charge which is close, then let the machine finish it. I watch the empty pan weight which seems to wonder around. My empty pan weight is always around 129.9. If this weight goes up or down it throws the end weight off. I also check the weight reading after the beep, with the reading being right on or sometimes a little heavy/light.

If the empty pan weight reading is off, I re-cal by just using the pan and the reading goes back to 129.9. This seems to stabilize the scale for awhile anyways. Some times I have to cal from the start with the 20 gram weight. Some times the unit just wants to be cranky and I warm it again. If any powder grains make it under the scale it will throw it off and a blast of dust off normally takes care of this.

I use my Lyman for loading match 223, 308 and ’06. I am going to load some more hunting ammo but I believe the beam scale and Lyman are off by .02 grains which throws off my groups using the Lyman.
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