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(noob) Berrys 125gr TMJ 9mm - need some help.


I recently finished getting everything together and I am ready to start reloading. I'm loading 9mm on a Lee Deluxe Turret, loading in batches to start (auto index removed).

I got a good deal on 1000 bullets at my local gun show. They are made by Berry's and listed as plated 125gr TMJ round nose. However, the Berry's website only lists a 124gr RN.
The bullets fluctuate between 124 and 125 grains. They measure .356 diameter and average .579 in length.

I have not been able to find load data in my Lyman manual or online. Berry's website says to use load data between jacketed and lead. Some say to use lead data for plated bullets... some people say to use %10 less powder because its plated, others say 10% less because its TMJ and not FMJ.

Its left me all quite confused.

I'm loading with Win 231 but I have a small amount of Unique from a friend. Winchester small pistol primers.

Lyman #49 doesn't list a 124gr lead or FMJ. A 124gr JHP says to start at 3.9gr of 231 or 4.5gr of Unique. The only lead data given is for very different bullets.

I've been thinking of 3.6gr of 231 to start (roughly 10% downloaded from the JHP data). Does anyone have some experience to let me know if im going in the right direction?
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