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I say go ahead and cut it, but only if:

1) You're not a bird hunter, and you know you never will be.

2) You keep your guns and aren't worried about the barrel's resale value and/or you know you will always want a short barrel for that gun.

3) You know what you're doing and can cut it square, clean up the cut, and properly replace a bead, or know someone who can for no fee/nominal fee.

Plenty of people can check off all of the above. It gets them what they want with basically zero time, aggravation, or money expended. If you're one of them, go for it. If, for some reason you change your mind in a few years, 870 barrels will always be plentiful down the road, there is nothing rare about them, and bird barrels are generally cheaper than factory short barrels.

I have a well-equipped shop and I cut shotgun barrels/replace beads for people all the time. But I always ask the above questions just to be sure the guy has thought through what he wants to do. Also, if it's any sort of rare, or out-of-production gun, I of course advise against it.

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