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Years ago, though not too long ago, my first private firearm purchase was an 870 Express Synthetic Magnum with a rifled deer barrel on it. It was inexpensive, well made and did what it was supposed to do (I never did get a deer in PA). In short order, I had acquired two more 870s given to me by family friends with no more use for them; one was an old beater that hadn't been cared for a jot and the other was a gorgeous Wingmaster with beautiful wood, well cared for and sleek.

At the time, my father-in-law wished for a shotgun and I gave him that Wingmaster. I'm more of a black gun combat shooter type, having learned about guns and their use in the service, and I bought myself a new 870 Express Synthetic Magnum with the short barrel, factory mag extension and rifle sights from an online dealer. Right out of the box it gave me trouble and Remington Customer Service gave me even more. Having just had a great experience with both Mossberg and Ruger, I angrily swore off Rems and sold ALL I had of their arms. It turns out there was a huge lor of these guns from the factory with the same problem.

I understand the lore, lure and mystique of the 870! I bought one as that was the most highly recommended pump gun out there. I'd used compromised disconnect 870s in The Corps and that first one was flawless! The fella I sold it to still has it, jazzed up with rails and a new barrel and side saddles and lights and such, as an HD gun.

Good Luck, Good Shooting! Geez, I hope I haven't dropped a downer note in the glory of the 870 as my personal experience is not that of most. Go Mossberg! Ha!
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