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I am looking at a Smartreloader tumbler. It is a nano737 (I think). It is a little smaller than a typical tumbler. It holds about 300 - 9mm. Does anyone have any opinions on the smart reloader tumbler?
As a matter of fact, I do. I own one that I recently bought from Midsouth Shooter's Supply. Thanks for reminding me. I intended to do a write-up for my blog and your post prompted me to do that.

I like the little tumbler, but it is little, and lightweight. It tends to walk across the bench while vibrating, and mine turns itself off. After about an hour, it simply shuts down. I don't know if this is by design or a design fault, but I can drop a handful of .308 cases in it, turn it on and walk away from it. After about an hour I'll return to find it off and the cases are clean. Not polished, necessarily, but clean.

The footprint of the little machine is small enough that it stays on the bench all the time, in a corner behind the press. My big Dillon stays on top the freezer and is taken out for big jobs. The little Nano stays on the bench and is used for small jobs.

I don't know how long the Nano will last, nor how durable it might be. I've only had it a month and time will tell if I wasted my $24.00. But, I like it for small jobs. I like it for cleaning the resizing lube off cases after decapping.

Edited to add photo, showing relative size of both tumblers.
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