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Tell me about tumbling

I have a lee turret press and some dies coming in the mail. While I was shooting today and chasing some 9mm brass I kept finding brass in the grass I had missed from previous trips. Needless to say this brass was rather dirty and some were filled with dirt.

First off can I tumble and reload this brass (as long as it is not cracked ect.)?

If I can I would like to set a tumbler up in my carport (away from the rain) and tumble outside before I deprime. Because I will be using a turret press and will siz, deprime, and prime in one step I would like to tumble first.

How many of you tumble before depriming (or is the proper term decapping?)?

What media do you use to tumble? How much should I expect to pay for the media at a Big box store like basspro or sportsmans wharehouse? How many times can you use the media before you dump and change it

I am looking at a Smartreloader tumbler. It is a nano737 (I think). It is a little smaller than a typical tumbler. It holds about 300 - 9mm. Does anyone have any opinions on the smart reloader tumbler?

Thanks for all your help!
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