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Umm, yeah, the third image is what's technically known as a "joke." It was actually meant as a comment on the notion that the original needs changing. I think it's fine the way it is; overall, that page is a very nice design.

And thanks, Shane, for the vote of confidence in my general Seriousness and Righteousness.

Tyme (and Mal), I'm glad you liked the second image. Here's a link to the photo from which I swiped the new, "accessorized" barrel:

I guess Bushmaster probably holds the copyright, since it's an advertising image. (Naughty of me, I know.) But, hey, if SWAT Magazine asked them for permission to borrow the barrel...?

That said, if you did want to use it, I'd be happy to waive whatever rights my Photoshopping gives me to it. Be flattered, too.
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