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Good to see I'm not the only one in Chicago! My story regarding the CFP has made the rounds so it’s fun to see this thread bumped again.

I recently had to renew my shotgun registration as it was on the old system. First I went to my local police precinct, which is where forms used to be kept. According to the officer I spoke with though, ever since the new ordinance took effect the only place to get the blank documents is either online or at the Gun Registration Department. Since I was updating from the old style registration to the new style, I wanted to make sure everything was kosher so I went to CPD HQ, which threw another wrench in my plan. The Gun Registration Department has been moved to 4770 S. Kedzie Avenue. Rather than waste any more time, I decided to buy some cardstock and print my own, which worked just fine.

Originally Posted by Wagonman
Speaking as a Chicago Cop, we haven't received any instruction in this new permit. so be careful.
This is literally terrifying. I shoot almost every weekend, so I have my firearms, legally, on Chicago roads quite often. I keep my CFP and registration certificates in my range bag though, so at least I’ll have that if there’s ever an issue.

Originally Posted by bitttorrrent
Anyway, the Police officer also said there is a 12rd max. for any gun I try to regester or they will deny me. So, no 17rd glocks. Have to get a lower mag. for Chicago.
The gun I use for USPSA limited class normally comes with 20 round mags. When I ordered it, I mentioned that mag restriction. They shipped the pistol with a 10 round mag to the FFL and sent the 20 round magazines to my buddy’s house in the suburbs. Those mags have to stay in the suburbs but my buddy and I do all our shooting together so it isn’t the biggest deal. I was able to mark down 10 rounds as the magazine capacity in good conscience.

Also as a heads up, a disassembled magazine is still considered a magazine. I asked the officer in charge of the registration department if I could keep them in a disassembled state within city limits. That won’t fly, unfortunately. Isn’t that was people in California do?
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