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After purchasing 2 BHP's (different generations), and an EAA Witness, I have come to realize that Clint Smith has said it well: "I would rather shoot 5 rounds well, over shooting 12 or 13 rounds not so well!"

After waking up with someone knocking on 'wrong apartment door' at oh-dark-thrity, grabbing significantly smaller revolver vs. full-size BHP with Rhodesian magazine (don't tell Sen. McCarthy), fits my hand a LOT better in a hurry, and more controllable without 'stand down from Condition 1', or "breaking the gun" necessary.

Semi-autos are nice. They -are- peculiar to what you feed them. They WILL jam when you don't need them to do that. Yes, semi-autos do hold more rounds (weight). Magazines do take more physical space, and must be loaded in a correct direction of travel.

Revolvers will eat what you feed them, but are usually built for a particular grainage bullet, and will shoot at different POI's. Yet, at a 30-foot range or less, the difference is small. Yes, revolvers have less rounds to hold. Reloads are different actions than semis, but can be just as quick, with practice.
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