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I hate to say it, but nothing beats the simple perfection of the recoil operation of the Browning A-5...

Recoil guns are soft shooting... If you keep them clean and maintained, they are super guns.. I have a Browning Gold 3 inch gun,, with more than 5000 rounds through it,, and it operates without flaw and goes bang each and every time I pull the trigger..

I also own Remington 1100's and a 11-87,, and if you keep them clean,, and DO NOT over-lube,, they perform..

Benelli's big thing is how durable they are.. I do not own one,, but why would I need to paddle my boat with a shotgun?

I am sure they are great guns,, but most all guns will operate under the conditions we encounter if they are taken care of..
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