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It's not a CCW right? it allows you to own one and transport it not carry....correct?
No, no, it is just a permit to have a handgun in your home - only. And the right to safely transport in your car to a range etc.

It is a bit confusing, but was just at the office this morning to hand in the application for the CFP (Chicago Firearms Permit) after renewing my FOID card and taking a firearms class. I thought it would be a hassle as there was a line out the door, but that was for parking tickets! The Police Officer was actually very helpful in filling out the form and directing me to get finger printed etc. They will mail it to me in a week or so.

After I have recieved that, I can regester any handguns that I want to have at my house by mailing in a form with the info on the allowed firearms.

Anyway, the Police officer also said there is a 12rd max. for any gun I try to regester or they will deny me. So, no 17rd glocks. Have to get a lower mag. for Chicago.
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