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Im going to use 357 brass,Id rather use 38 brass but was told I might have pressure issues with it trying to make major.
Magnus bullets sells a 200gr cast .38/.357 bullet. You'd need to reach 825fps to make PF, and some +P loadings may get you close using .38spl cases. The COAL may be longer than your typical .38spl round going in, but you'd still only be ejecting .38spl cases. I'm betting the recoil would be a bit softer than making 165k with bona fide .357mag loadings as well.

BTW, if you don't already have some CompIIIs or JetLoaders (my preference), I can heartily recommend them, especially for a speedloader-fed gun in ESR.

......Hmmmm .........and here I thought IDPA was supposed to be more practical than that other, used to be "practical" pistol game.....sorry, my mistake.
Being proficient in more than 1 platform and power factor seems pretty "practical" to me.

How about you shoot what you Carry, or equivalent?
Yowzer And to think we were worried about the government telling us how and what we should or shouldn't shoot...

What do you shoot in IDPA, jimbob86?
I'd like to know now, too.
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