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Benelli makes a very good Inertia system
Benelle is the top of the heap
Benelli owns the Inertia System patent rights, so any shotgun labeled "Inertia System" is a Benelli licensee, probably owned by Benelli (which is owned by Beretta). This includes Benelli, Franchi, and Stoeger. Inertia System shotguns are recoil impulse operated, so they do kick a bit more than a comparable gas-operated shotgun.
Stoeger is the poor 4th cousin of Benelli - and I would not say their systems are the same as the Benelli system). It looks similar / but I don't think the internal components are the same
They are made in the same factory as Benellis, using mostly the same parts (operating spring systems are different). They are rough, definitely not finished or fitted as well as Benellis, however. So yes, they have "issues".

If I were shopping for a super-reliable shotgun, I would get a Benelli. Cleaner operation typically means fewer issues. But (like any recoil-operated system) they kick a little harder.

Gas-operated guns have lower recoil, so if recoil is an issue, you could opt for a Browning Maxus/Winchester SX3. Nothing wrong with Beretta, just personal preference.
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