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Jim Watson
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Are you going to use Magnum brass or hotrod Specials?

In .357 Magnum brass, when I was shooting USPSA Revolver, I got a 158 cast roundnose in a 4" M28 as follows:
8.1 gr Blue Dot = 1138 fps f = 179,804
(Major was 175 back then.)

6.7 gr Unique = 1075 fps; f = 169,850
6.3 gr Win 231 = 1050 fps; f = 165,900
(Too light for USPSA then, fine for that or ESR now.)

I don't know why I got by with lighter loads than Paw Paw, but there it is.

There has been some work done in recent years on recreating the .38-44 High Velocity which would let you use .38 Special brass which is cheaper and ejects .135" quicker.
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