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The Law
The only thing I know of in which you give up that right is if you have an FFL.
This is correct. The ATF can conduct an annual "compliance" inspection of an FFL. Also, the standard for a warrant is marginally eased for FFLs.
I'm an FFL and the statements above are nonsense. Where on earth do you guys get this stuff?

An ATF compliance inspection is not a search and is limited to the licensees bound book, 4473's, Multiple Sale of Handgun reports and his firearm inventory. It IS NOT a search but an inspection. The IOI cannot go and search your sock drawer, your doghouse or your daughters closet. They sit down at your dining table and compare the bound book vs 4473's vs your inventory. That's it.

If you ARE served with a search warrant it is because probable cause was presented to a judge who signed for it.
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