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Benelli makes a very good Inertia system ...( Stoeger is the poor 4th cousin of Benelli - and I would not say their systems are the same as the Benelli system). It looks similar / but I don't think the internal components are the same .... Benelli, Stoeger, Franchi, etc are all owned by Beretta ...but it does not mean they are identical. I've seen way too many issues with a varitey of Stoeger and Franchi products ...and next to none with Benelli or Beretta.

Inertia guns all shoot cleaner... Gas guns / will have less recoil ....

Which is better ...better for what ..?? I own a pair of Benelli SuperSport models one in 12ga and one in 20ga and they have been very trouble free for close to 50,000 shells. The Super Sport model - is Benelli's target gun / sporting clays gun ...but I also use it as a "rain" gun, travel gun - when I only want to take 1 gun to do everything pretty well ( hunting, skeet, sporting clays, trap, etc ) ....

If I wanted a gas gun ....I'd look at the Beretta 391's, Browning Silver or Maxus, Winchester SX 3 .....( Browning and Winchester are basically the same, they are both owned by FN these days ..but I think Browning is pretty much running their shotgun operations).

There isn't a wrong or right answer - gas or inertia ....but in shotguns, you get what you pay for ....especially when it comes to the internals and how well they are fitted. To me personally, nothing Stoeger makes - has any interest to me...
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