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I don't carry all the time

but the most I carry at once is my CCW 357, mousegun backup derringer, and my buck 110 lookalike folding knife on my belt. When we travel I will automatically have these items, so I can access them when I want. Additionally, my wife has a snubby 357 in her possession when we travel. Right now my 357 is on the high shelf along the wall beside me & the computer. All my other weapons are in the safe. I like to have a weapon close during the nights. The safe is easily accessible in a jiffy during sleep, and I can just rest the firearm(s) next to the bed too without locking it up while sleeping if I so choose. Our mossberg 500 would be my weapon of choice during a home invasion; I do admit that the shotgun is locked up unloaded though, so it is unfortunately accessible only after extra precious time.
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