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Just saw this and i am a step behind you.

Had to replace foid card - i lost it, but that took 3 months.
then found and took class. was not bad, but took time and money - like all day.
tomorrow will go over and shell out more money for the cfp and then - according to you - wait for that and then register the gun.

You are right, they make it very hard to do this because they don't wanty anyone to do it.

My costs so far.
foid = 10
picture for foid - 6
class = 100
range fees including 100 rnds ammo, targets, ears, free glasses i got to keep = 62.00
yet to do
chicago firearm permit = 100
gun registration = 15

= 293

not to mention a day off of work and gas all the way out to somewhere near joliet for the range portion and all the time, 1hr each for forms and pictures and mailings etc.

= so thats another few hundred.

I don't care really, just glad that it is legal now and i won't get thrown in prison for driving to a suburban range with my gun in the trunk.

But at least I will be legal - all the criminals will still be illegal!

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