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John L. Smith
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One Ounce is right, the heavier the gun is the less it will kick you. As an example I bought one grandson a Chas. Daley youth 20 ga pump and it has a pretty good kick. I finally got him to shoot my Maverick 88 and he told me it didn't kick as hard as his 20 ga. Well right then I needed a new shotgun. I bought a Mossberg 535 which weighs 12 oz. less than the 88 and it lets you know the difference. I put about 6-7 oz of weight in the stock( locked down ) and it makes a big difference. I haven't noticed any difference in the balance. Am sure if I would have put more weight in stock it would effect the balance.
My patent is, I took a piece of 3/4" PVC pipe cut to the length of the hollow stock and inserted 3- 2 oz lead sinkers. Hot glued the ends and the back end of pipe to stock. Guess you would call this redneck engineering.
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