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Ezell also notes that those pistols were in 9mm Parabellum (9mm Luger) and had rotating barrels, similar in that respect to the Steyr-Hahn. Like the one pictured here, the #22 mentioned by SDC has a flat slide, but whether from some mechanical change (like larger locking lugs) or for aesthetic reasons, Nickl modifed the slide to a more cylindrical shape and changed the retracting lugs to slanted cuts in the slide (Serial number 29, Ezell, P. 574). The Czechs carried the rotating barrel system over to their Vz.22 and Vz.24, even though those pistols were in 9x17 (9mm Browning Short or .380 ACP), and the need for a locked breech was dubious. Later, of course, they eliminated the rotating barrel completely for a 7.65mm Browning caliber pistol, the well-known Vz.27, made in vast quantities under German control.

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