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My son and I just bought a Redding T7 turret press Saturday. Used a Lyman Spartan single for years. This T7 press is SUPER!

Not that we reload a truck load of our own rounds, just this turret press makes it so much simpler and quicker.

While our auto dispenser is throwing a charge, we can complete one full round at a time. Before we had to do a block full and change dies then repeat and change. Now all the dies are set and you keep busy.

I looked at the Lee, Hornady, RCBS and the Redding felt the best and looked like quality. Besides it is even casted in the USA.

Now if we were going to be reloading hundreds at a time, I would have looked at a progressive. I am still leery of automation when it comes to reloading. Rather check each step as I go.
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