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I like a full size semi auto with a rail and a good light for home defense. I use a CZ SP-01 9mm as my home defense pistol. I live in an area with close neighbors and the 9mm will hopefully lessen the chances of a round hitting a neighbor.

I always hear recommendations for a shotgun as a home defense weapon. Shotguns are great weapons, but they have major drawbacks and training issues. They are not a wonder weapon that makes people fly through windows when shot and other such nonsense. They are longer than handguns, have lower capacity, heavy recoil, pumps require a hand to feed the next round etc... The shotgun can be great, but make sure you train with it properly and remember 00 buck is basically 9 rounds that you have to account for. You need to know you guns shot pattern at any distance you might be employing it on. Most shotguns spread too much at 35+ yards to be able to consistently keep all the pellets on target.
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