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formula for Drop due to MV

Drop depends on two things: Muzzle velocity and ballistic coefficient of the bullet. 168gr Sierra Matchkings work decent at 1000 yds (say 8" groups) from a 1:9.25 twist factory barrel in my 7mm with 2650fps MV, but I guess you're talking 30 cal. 2950fps will decrease that holdover to 30 MOA.
Google Berger 's website - it has a drop calculator and JBM has one. They get you plenty close enough to start with a Springfield. Mine needs 33-34.5 MOA elevation increase above a 100 yd zero in order to ding a 22" steel plate at 1,000. And even with no wind, I have to go an extra 2.5 minutes left on the scope windage.
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