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Remington 870 Memories - Past & Future

Back in the early 70's at Ft. Riley Kansas another Captian and I purchased an 870 from a soldier needing some quick cash. We paid him what he ask for and did not quibble. I seem to recall we paid him $80 for the gun. It was such a sweet gun, and both of us loved it. The problem was we were offered twice the amount we paid for it from another Captain a couple of week later. Therefore; neither of us were able to keep the gun.

To this day, I can recall how well the gun felt and performed. Today, I ended up with an (I think new) 870 Express Magnum. I could not pass up paying another pittance ($200) for the gun. It still has the hang tag on it, but does not have the box or papers. It appears to have some very slight rack marks but otherwise looks new. This one will not be sold any time soon. I hope to develop some nice future memories with this one.
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