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We had a couple of feeders up that went off at 0800 and 1600. They worked pretty good. In another spot there was no place to hang a feeder so we just dumped corn on the ground. The deer always hit those 3 spots, depending on which surrounding area they bedded in.

I have tried C'meer Deer...shake and take and the 3 day harvest and it was just more money than corn.

We have put out just about every mineral that they sell at Bass Pro Shops and the deer hit them pretty good.

I have tried several scents and nothing. This past year I might have had one deer interested but no conclusive results.

I wash my cloths in Primos Silver XP, Scent Away dryer sheets, then use the and store them in bags. I also shower with Primos Silver body soap and shampoo. Not sure if it makes a difference or not.

Remember that ALL States are different and what you can do in one you might not be able to do in another. Just because you can't do a lot of the things listed in this thread doesn't mean others can't where they hunt.
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