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I was under the impression that they discontinued the model. I didn't see it on their site last time I was there. Of course the 85b3 isn't on there either.

They were one of the lower cost entries I was talking about. Of course the media missed that one. A lot more people would have been interested to try a new round in a more affordable package. They just didn't know it was out there. Remember a lot of guys and gals in the community aren't as die hard about finding the info as people on here.

You've also got to remember that Taurus is notorious for trying out new and unusual ideas just to see if they fly. A lot of times their "new products" catalog is filled with things that don't come out. Thy put it out there in concept form and gauge the public's reaction. Taurus may be a lot of things, but the management is adventurous.

Another question I kept hearing was, "why do I want a .32 that penetrates like a .357? My .38 will do that with (insert manufacturer) hollow points." There is some validity to that.

I carry Federal LE 158gr+P LSWC-HPs that will go through fabric and rip a half inch hole out of five water jugs. That is roughly ten inches of penetration in gel. At the time why would I have sunk good money in to an unproven round that was costing as much as $40 a box in some places?

My use of I may get confusing. I am using it generally and personally at times. That is the down side of typing after a 12.5 hour shift.
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