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Wow, thank you for taking me to task over mentioning an alternative and an opinion that people had. I never said Taurus was better than S&W. I love how people feel the need to rant about Taurus every time it is mentioned.

I personally own a Taurus 85b3. Next time I'm tearing a ragged hole in the X on my b-34 target I'll remember how much it sucks. Next time it saves my life (two times already) I'll remember that I should have bought an S&W. I don't buy guns as an investment. I buy them to perform a task when needed. I wouldn't buy a hammer and expect to make a profit. I buy a hammer to drive a nail.

My point was that the press dropped the ball by only focusing on the expensive guns chamberred in the round. There were less expensive guns chambered in the round than what I saw in the press. Most people see that and think, "why spend the money to get the hassle."

A lot of people want a six shot J-frame sized gun. (I didn't mean to imply Taurus was a J-frame.) A lot of shooters I know said plainly, "why couldn't they just make a six shot snubby like Taurus did?"

I think the manufacturers missed the boat to some extent with the .327 magnum. They could have done better by improving what was allready available. In my area nobody carries .327mag guns or ammo. It is looked at as a toy for a small niche of gun guys.
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