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keep seeing this and I think people are missing something. There is really no reason for only five shots of .38spl in a J-frame gun. Taurus brought out the 856 and proved the point. With an increase of less than 1/16th of an inch the were able to fit in the extra round.

The guns are reliable for long shooting lives. I have a friend with 2,000 rounds through his. The minimal expansion did not compromise the durability of the gun at all.

Instead of coming up with a new catridge, give us the gun that we want. A 6 shot S&W J-frame would sell fairly well. Instead we get a new round from Federal. On top of that the gun press generally covered the high end guns that were chambered for the round. It was bad timing for a new $600 revolver.

If the press would have covered the Taurus and other lower priced alternatives it might have caught on quicker. I just could not see buying a $600 gun for a new round that I couldn't find any where.

Why do that when (if the 6th round was so important) I could get an 856 for $300 out the door? It is chamberred for an easy to find round that sells for $16.00 per 50.

Hello Mike Nice 81
To put it Plainly, some people like a Rolex over a Timex The 5 shot S&W J-Frame has a slightly smaller width than the Tauras 6 shot revolver. To some size means everything. As Far as Warranty goes on guns I have Heard Mixed emotions on Tauras's warranty. I have Not heard much bad Feedback on S&W's warranty service. In the Long run a S&W revolver will always net you a Much Higher return on your Investment compared to any Tauras. Some People have said that the Internal action of a Tauras is just like a S&W. That is Just a False Statement open the side plate on one and look at it, they are nothing like a S&W they are much more complex with many more internal parts, which to me means more of a chance for something to malfunction or wear out. I have always had Just S&W revolver's in my collection But, I have Traveled to the dark side a few times in the past and bought Ruger, Tauras & Rossi to Later on only get Burned on resale when I Parted with them. I had a Tauras .22 revolver one time that was not accurate at all. I have Never owned any S&W revolver's chambered in .22 that were Not Tack drivers. We all Have different Tastes, if we didn't there would only be one car manufacturer out there. If you feel comfortable carrying a Tauras, I say Good for you, but I will stick with my S&Ws as they have always served me well and grown in collector Market value as time wore on I Like a Return on my Investments not a Loss.....
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