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LOL @ Oldbear

For sure, there are much more 'Interesting' things to do but what even an old 'bear' like yourself would understand that some days the mama bear just needs some sleep

Excellent responses everyone!

I have an infra-red home warning alarm system in my house. Once you put the 4 digit code in at night, all the entrance points of the house are secured. If there's a breach, a warning siren rings and the the alarm company contacts you. If nobody picks up, they send over a team of 6 well armed guys who take positions and ready to deal with any threat while advancing.

If you DO pick up the phone, they ask you a YES or NO question which you've already shared with them when you were signing up. If NO means danger, they'll dispatch the guys. If you've triggered the alarm by mistakes, they'd re-confirm and then let you go.

Even with all this, I was concerned because once I was in Canada and was in my apartment with the earphones on. There was a break in next door and I only found out about it in the morning. If I wasn't using them, I could have been more aware of my surroundings. Thank God nobody was injured or harmed and all I kept thinking about was what if it was my home?

My home in Pakistan is secured. What I'm worried about is my other home which is in Canada. Only have a frying pan to defend myself with over there
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