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I have zero confidence that my wife could defend herself with her Hi-Power. It is all she can do to rack the slide, she never practices with it, and when she does, she gets stovepipe jams from limp wristing sometimes.
I keep an SP-101 with laser grip, and I feel I have the best chance with that. I'm a heavy sleeper, and it is likely that I will be groggy and may not have proper technique for an auto. Groggy and having to remember about safeties, arm straight, wrist locked, etc. is just not realistic for me.
While I don't entirely disagree with your logic, you do need to make sure that your wife can repeatedly pull the DA trigger of your SP101 without difficulty. I have found that people with limited enough hand strength to have difficutly racking a slide oftentimes also have difficulty pulling through a DA trigger. Small-frame guns like the Ruger SP101 and S&W J-Frames seem to cause the most problems because their smaller, lighter hammers require heavier mainsprings in order to reliably ignite primers. It seems as though medium frame revolvers, S&W K-Frames in particular, seem to work well for most people because they have better triggers than small-frame guns but are not so large as to not fit the hands of smaller statured people.
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