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The chicken or the egg?


Haven't seen you around before but then I have not been around that long myself. Welcome and nice to meet ya.

I appreciate the feedback but if one is attempting to find out what size MOULD to get then one does not have the slug that you refer to yes? This might occur, for instance, with a person relatively new to casting that had no inventory of moulds for a particular rifle that had previously only seen jacketed stuff.

I was attempting to determine if a mould that I was considering trying to have made would produce a boolit that could be fired from that particular rifle. The given mould carried a "note" that the boolit cast by that mould would NOT fire through the bore of a particular rifle that others had fired it through before.

The whole setup was an attempt to determine if that boolit really would or would NOT fire through a milsurp rifle.

Soooooo.....if you can scramble through the crazy bad grammar it should be as clear as mud now!
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