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I started out using Lee's "Perfect Powder Measure," which is a stand-alone, turn the arm type. It worked fine for me, using Winchester 231 powder, but some people using finer powders have reported that it leaks. I went along with that just fine for probably a couple of years before I mustered the necessary courage to attach the Auto Disk Pro to the turret.

Man, am I dumb! The Auto Disk works like a charm. I would conservatively estimate that my productivity easily doubled, without in any way rushing anything or "pushing" to go fast. It just makes life sooooo much easier, I sprained a kneecap trying to kick myself in the rumplestilskin for not switching over sooner.

Just do it. You can thank me later. Remember, the Turret is basically still a single stage press. Any time you want to check the charge weights you're dropping, just pull a case out after charging it and dump the powder into your scale pan. After you weigh it, dump the powder back into the case, put the case back in the press, and proceed.
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