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Originally Posted by paulcissa
Although you expect to turn out rounds faster via progressive, I'd caution about making your first press a multi-station/progressive.
The Lee Turret Press (or Classic Turret Press -- same thing with a cast iron base) is NOT a progressive. It's somewhere between a single stage and a progressive, and it offers two ways to use it.

The 4-hole Turret Press has auto-indexing. If you use that, the turret rotates 1/4 turn with each stroke of the handle, so you install a 4-die set and with four strokes of the handle you have loaded ONE round. Then you start over for the next round. For each pull of the handle, there is only one operation being performed, and three dies are doing nothing. On a progressive, something happens at each station on every pull.

You can also remove the auto-index and run the Turret Press as a single stage -- the turret doesn't advance when you pull the handle.

I'm another fan of the Lee Turret Press. I started in with reloading using a Lee single stage press, before the Challenger press went to "breech lock." Having to remove and reset dies for each operation drove me nuts. I don't work like a speed demon, but the time I have available for reloading is limited so I quickly (like, in about a week or two) outgrew the single stage. I didn't feel ready, either in experience or in funding, for a full progressive, so the Lee Deluxe Turret Press kit seemed like a good compromise. After using it for several years, I now think it was a GREAT compromise.

Anyone who is interested in Lee presses and products should check out this site: . It is NOT owned or operated by Lee, it is operated by just one of us shooters, who likes Lee products but thinks their instructions are horrible, so he created a forum where Lee users can support one another.

Here are some video's of the Turret Press in action, from that forum site:
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