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Any tips on training

So I took my friend to the range today with my .22.
It was his first time ever shooting a rifle.
I should have thought of more to teach him before I took him.

But I taught him basic range safety stuff.
-Keep the barrel pointed down range at all times.
-Treat all guns as if they are loaded.
-Point the gun only at what you intend to shoot.
-Once the bullet leaves the barrel, you cant bring it back.
-If theres a jam, let me take care of it. (and I show how to fix it.)
-Etc etc.

I taught him proper trigger pull. (smooth, and dont jerk it.)
How to load the weapon.
A little bit about breath control.
I tried teaching him to hold his breath.
It was the funniest thing to see him blow his cheeks out.
I then showed him the right way.
-Exhale, hold, smooth trigger pull, follow through.

Any other ideas of something I can teach him.
About 75% of his shots were landing on a 6 in. target about 25 yds out.
He had no problems at 10-15 yds with 16.9 oz bottles.
This is just a .22 rifle that is scoped.
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