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When I started loading in the early 70's I went single stage RCBS and was pleased (still am) cause the majority of my loading was for rifle hunting ammo usually 20 rounds at a time after I developed a load for the rifle..

My hand gun was a 38/357 and loaded a box at a time. When I started Varmint shooting my demand for 22-250 increased by leaps and bounds. So I found myself spending more repetitive time at the press for larger runs of cartridges.

Then I obtained my first 45 ACP (1911) and ultimately started shooting comp. Now this is where the single stage becomes brutally time consuming So I picked up a Lee Turret and found happiness. Then progressives came.

So what I recommend is a turret press. A "TP" makes life easier and can be used as a single stage press. It is fairly easy to learn to learn on. And fairly quickly produces larger amounts of cartridges in a short period pistol or rifle such as .223 or 762 X39.

A single stage press such as the RCBS Rock Crusher is ideal for working up a test load for your rifles. And is further ideal in creating "exact" copies 20 at a time.

Accessories needed are pretty much the same.. Get a good manual or two to read and do diligence. SPEER Manual tends to be my favorite.

Good Luck
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