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Powder measure/dispenser, scale or dipper?

Sevens is correct that measuring every powder charge will be slow, and for handgun loading (in the medium load range) is probably not necessary because most handgun shooting is not high precision or long range.

So, how do you mete powder without weighing each charge if you don't use a powder dispenser?


The Auto-Disk drops powder automatically as you operate the press. If you use the dippers, you drop the same amount of powder through the same die (installing the funnel instead of the Auto-Disk).

All* powder measures use the same principle as dippers. A constant volume, filled with consistency (whether by mechanical or manual means) is equally accurate with either device ("filled with consistency" is key to this accuracy).

A consistent manual technique is essential to a consistently accurate powder charge. This consistency is easier to achieve with a mechanical powder dispenser than with dippers, not not difficult at all with either tool.

Bottom lines:
1) Using dippers will slow the Turret operation a bit.
2) Good, consistent, careful use of dippers will be much faster and just as safe as weighing each charge.
3) If you will use a powder dispenser with the Lee Turret, the Auto-Disk or Pro Auto-Disk is the only way to go.

Lost Sheep

* All, excluding those new powder measures that trickle powder onto an electronic powder scale until a predetermined weight is reached.
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