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Thanks again for putting up with me everybody. i know I have flooded the forum with questions today but have gotten some great responses. Maybe I should petition for my own forum
We are happy to help. If anything, I would suggest trying to keep more of the questions that are related inside the same thread, if only to make the forum a little less cluttered. But it's all good.

I would highly suggest that you get yourself a powder measure. Certainly, you can hand-weigh each individual charge, and I often do this when building some bottle-neck rifle rounds... but only when I'm making about 20 rounds at one sitting.

To do handgun with no powder measure of any sort? There's a difference between high speed production and simply giving yourself the proper tools to actually produce a workable volume of loaded rounds at the end of your day. Hand-weighing each individual charge for handgun ammo will S-L-O-W your progress so much that you might never get anywhere.

Grab a powder measure... as I said elsewhere, I very much prefer the Lyman 55 over all others, but any measure is enough to get started and to get a feel for the operation.

It's definitely not too much going on and it won't be too confusing for you -- you'll do fine!
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