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Quite honestly, OP, there probably isn't a right answer. We all applaud your decision to "roll yer own" but I don't have any idea if you'll be loading five years from now or what you'll be loading for, doubt you do either. I can guarantee you one thing; if you pay attention to details and safety and read what these experienced folks and your loading manuals tell you you're in for quite an exciting ride.
If you can't afford a turret right now, go with a single stage. You'll likely find use for it later if you decide to upgrade. If you can afford a turret or progressive step right up and grab one. They can generally be used as a single-stage if you wish but I think you'll eventually want a SS press around for special projects.
Loading with one type of press or one brand of loading equipment is like hitting the links with only one club. You can get it done but it there are better ways.
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