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Not using a powder measure on a lee turret (for now)

As I stated in my last thread I am think of getting a Lee Classic Turret and batch loading using it as a single stage to start off with.

I have loaded 100 rounds of 357mag using an old lee classic loader kit (the kit where you use a rubber mallet instead of a press), a RCBS hand primer, and a Lee Powder Scoop kit and (a couple) of scales. I did this in part to get a good handle on the basic steps of reloading.

My plan is to charge the cartridges by putting 50 brass on a loading block and scooping a charge onto my scale and pouring it in the cartridges. I believe this will help me to visually double check for a double or light charge. i know this is probably not the fastest way to go but right now I am not worried about speed. i feel like with the turret press I can always upgrade later.

Does this sound reasonable or should I get a stand alone powder measure? I plan on eventually attaching a Lee Pro Powder Measure to the turret press and taking full advantage of the turrets capabilities. But for now I am thinking of going the batch load route and would rather not buy a stand alone powder charge if I will not be using it for the long hall.

Thanks again for putting up with me everybody. i know I have flooded the forum with questions today but have gotten some great responses. Maybe I should petition for my own forum
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