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Dunno which snubby you're shooting but my S&W J-frames are amazingly accurate with 148 and sometimes 158 target loads. It takes a very firm, consistent grip and very deliberate sighting but these little guns really can shoot! Once at quals (witnesses!) I managed to fire the first four rounds into a ragged hole @ 15 yds but saw the group, broke my concentration, and threw the next shot about .5" out. I'm a longtime PPC shooter but was still impressed by the accuracy of my "belly gun".
For paper punching I'd consider the goup size first. For SD, it won't much matter for typical SD ranges if your POI and POA are 2" apart. Simply hold center mass and repeat as necessary. If POI/POA discrepancy is an issue for a deliberate shot you'll know from your range time where the correct hold is.
It's fun to discover the potential of these snubbies. Often a load can be tailored to hit POA. If not, "hold tight and favor the X-ring".
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