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Here is a picture of the shells I am using. They are Remington sport loads the metal base is short and it looks like the hull is ribbed but it's actually smooth with an 8 fold crimp on the top. Now for the second part of this post when I look in my Lyman 5th edition shotshell reloading book under Remington premier sts plastic cases for clays powder it gives me one load data for clays 17.0 grains a win 209 primer which I think I can sub for my cheddite and then It calls for the win waa12sl wad which my claybuster wad will sub for but that is the only data it gives me for what I would use if I do switch to clays powder. Does it really matter what wad is being used. Does the wad make a difference on the velocity and pressure and every thing like that?


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