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Ok tonight I went down to my reloader and took my #30 bushing out to check my powder charge on my 31 bushing and when I took the charge bar out I noticed that inside of the bushing were flakes of powder which is telling me that not all of it is going from the bottle to the hull. But I think this promo powder is still a joke. The first 4 charges in my 31 bushing were only 17 grains. Now the 30 bushing was. 16.6-16.8. After running a few more charges through the bushing it came up to 17.8 and then about every third or fourth one was that same number with the ones in the middle jumping from 17.5 to 17.3 to 17.6 and any thing in between never any thing constant. Obviously the dryer sheet has put an oily film on the bushing making the powder stick but mind you I didnt do the dryer sheet trick with my bushing tonight. I think I'm coming to the conclusion promo powder even tho being cheaper is probably not the way to go.
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