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weight or velocity?

Thank you for the reply Bob. I'm sure that I'm not a perfect shot, admittedly far from it, but I don't think that I'm pulling the shots or anticipating recoil on the xtp's. The recoil is easily managed with either load. Thank for that chart though, I haven't seen that before and I can definitely stand to learn something from it.

I thought that the bullet weight was probably the issue, but wasn't sure. Bob, you are saying that the powder charge, +p rating, or velocity are going to be less important than the weight of the bullet? Makes sense to me I would have to assume the velocity will make a difference but I would easily believe that the bullet weight trumps velocity when it comes to shifting poi.

Thanks for all the replies fellas, I'm excited to learn more. Obviously a wealth of knowledge here. Glad I found this site!

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