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Some of the opinions and built-in biases apparent in this thread smell like my dog's butt. I'll skip right past those and address the original question:

The real genious behind the Lee Classic Turret that kills every other manufacturer's version of a turret press is that the extra turrets are not only lightning-fast to swap, they are also incredibly cheap in price.

Compare Lee 4-hole turrets to those massive turrets for an RCBS, Lyman or Forster. It's not a close race. $49 for an extra turret? That's nuts. With the Lee Classic turret, you put your dies in the turret and you never take them out of the turret again for the rest of your life.

Don't even begin to think of a turret price as if it's a progressive -- it's not. It's not even close. Even the guys who absolutely adore their turret press and can operate the thing like Mario Andretti should be able to admit that it's not progressive and can't mimic progressive.

At it's core, a progressive press has a shell plate and a ram that puts at least three pieces of brass up in to loading dies simultaneously and if your favorite press cannot push three to five pieces of brass up in to 3 to 5 different reloading dies at the same time, it's not a progressive press no matter how many different ways you try to explain it or no matter what kind of lofty production goal you believe you can hit with it.

Even with a good turret press (Lee Classic Turret is the best available) you still must raise that ram for each and every operation. Not until you can size one piece while flaring another and dumping in a powder charge at the SAME TIME that a bullet is being seated and priming another piece somewhere in the lever throw are you talking progressive.

A good, solid single stage press is a tool that your grandchildren will still be able to use because if you don't abuse it, it'll outlive you and your kids. It's a great device that everyone should have. But if you have NO press and you need to buy your first one, the Lee Classic turret is a terrific choice, and may be the best choice.
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